My favorite hair products and why…

OMG Im such a product junky!  I love to try new products but through trial and error I have found my staple products (products that I  know will work for me every time ). I would like to share those with you!

Shampoo ~ SheaMoisture Yucca & Baobab Thickening Shampoo ⋙Ingredients: Deionized Water, Decyl Glucoside (Sugar Beets), Yucca Soap, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Oil (Certified Organic Ingredient), Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Adansonia Digitata (Baobab) Extract, Biotin, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate (Coconut Oil), Vegetable Protein, Yucca Filamentosa Extract, Rosemary Extract, Bamboo Extract, Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle) Flower (and) Lonicera Japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle) Flower Extract.

I love this shampoo because it contains certified organic ingredients like Organic yucca & baobab w/biotin & bamboo extract. It’s also said to thicken, volumize & soften the hair. Baobab oil contains vitamins A, C, D, E and F to fortify and strengthen hair. Yucca thickens hair and helps to prevent hair loss. Biotin – strengthens the hair follicle. No parabens. No paraffin. No gluten. No propylene glycol. No mineral oil. No synthetic fragrance or color. No animal testing or ingredients. No sulfates.

Some naturals don’t shampoo every week because the shampoos that contain sulfates are actually harmful to the hair. Sulfates are powerful enough to not only clean the oils and dirt out of your hair, but it also strips all of the oils that our head produces naturally. SheaMoisture’s Yucca & Baobab Thickening Shampoo leaves my hair feeling soft and very moisturized every time.

Conditioner ~ TRESemme Moisture Rich Conditioner I tried this conditioner because it just kept showing up in my research.  For those of us who don’t mind using non-organic ingredients, I must say, it is a great product.  As advertised, it delivers optimized hydration that targets dryness and locks in moisture where your hair needs it most.  My hair feels so soft and even more moist each time I condition with this product.  It is designed for daily use and contains vitamin E. I use this product as a de-tangler, as a pre-poo, and as an additional moisturizer after I shampoo.

Deep conditioner ~ Organics Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise Organics Hair Mayonnaise is enriched with natural botanical herbal extracts, vitamins, egg protein and olive oil to condition and strengthen hair. I deep condition with this product once a week to rejuvenate my hair. It helps to add body, shine, elasticity, and moisture. Contains no petrolatum..

Oils ~ coconut and jojoba oil Both coconut and jojoba are by far my favorite oils. I use both to seal in moisture. They are very light weight, which doesn’t leave my hair feeling oily. Both can also be used for skin care.

Coconut oil is known to help promote hair growth. According to, it has 5 main characteristics that makes it perfect for our hair.

1. Shields hair protein: Lauric acid, a major component of coconut oil gives the oil its protective properties. Lauric acid is a fatty acid that easily binds hair proteins thus helping in protecting roots of hair strands and preventing hair breakage.

2. Seals in hair moisture: Regular application of coconut oil can help you to keep your hair strong and moisturized. Coconut oil possesses the ability of penetrating the hair shaft and thus conditions your hair from within. The oil supplies enough moisture to protect your hair follicles from environmental impurities and heat.

3. Contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties: Coconut oil’s antibacterial and anti-fungal properties give the oil the ability of protecting your scalp against dandruff and lice, both of which can hinder hair growth.

4. Contains nutrients: Coconut oil is a rich source of nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin K and iron. These nutrients are essential for maintaining your hair’s shine and softness. Vitamin E is particularly effective in eradicating dandruff, which is a major cause of hair fall and hindered hair growth.

5. Improves blood circulation: Massage your scalp with coconut oil to stimulate blood circulation. Improved blood circulation to your scalp will ensure that your hair follicles receive the required amount of essential nutrients and oxygen. This will make your hair follicles healthy and promote hair growth.

Jojoba Oil is widely used for the purpose of skin care and hair care. This is because its components have a striking similarity with that of sebum, an oily matter secreted by the oil glands present under the skin surface. It is this oily substance that gives the soft and smooth texture to the human skin and hair. Those of you who are extremely bothered by dull and frizzy hair can apply this oil to improve its texture and appearance. It serves both the purposes of hair oil as well as hair conditioner. It moisturizes the scalp, provides protection against dandruff and adds strength to the roots of the hair. Thus, it can control hair fall to a great extent.

Quick tip: After shampooing your hair, pour a few drops into the hair conditioner and apply it to your hair. Then, rinse your hair thoroughly. However, I used it as a sealant so after apply my leave in conditioner, I apply the oil to my damp hair to seal in moisture. Read more at Buzzle:

Leave in conditioner ~ SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner This leave-in or rinse out conditioner deeply moisturizes, detangles and repairs dry, damaged or over-processed hair. It contains special blend of organic Shea Butter, nourishing Argan Oil and mineral-rich Sea Kelp is which is perfect for transitioning chemically treated hair to healthy natural hair. Sea Kelp • Mineral-rich nutrition seals and smoothes hair cuticles. Argan Oil • Restores shine while helping promote hair elasticity Shea Butter • Deeply moisturizes while conditioning hair and scalp..

Stylers ~my favorite product to use are stylers. I love to show curl definition in my styles and stylers are the products that create that definition. My top two stylers are the Let’s Jam Custard Cream Gel and Flexible Hold and As I Am Twist Defining Cream. Both products give me maximum curl definition every time.

Let’s Jam Flexible Hold Cream Gel has it all—the great hold of Let’s Jam gels and the conditioning of a creamy hairdress. It works great for my natural hair as it creates a great curl pattern when I unravel my twists or braids. It’s so supple you can style and easily restyle.

As I Am Twist Defining Cream is my all time favorite styler because it has the following benefits that prove true to my hair each time I use this product:

  • provides shiny and well defined twists and twists outs
  • produces strong lasting definition
  • minimizes frizz ans maximizes smoothness
  • hydrates dry hair
  • helps promote healthy hair growth
  • helps prevent shedding and thinning

Hair Lotion/Milk ~ Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Milk Made with pure coconut milk and coconut oil. This hair milk is a lightweight hair lotion that replenishes essential oils and adds incredible softness and shine to my hair. I typically use this product in the final step of moisturizing on wash days. Please remember that It’s all about trial and error. I have tried and failed with many products during my first 14 months. But I didn’t give up, I found products that work together to give me my desired results. I’m sure you can do it too!

What are some your favorite products to use on your hair?
Please share in the comment section below.
As always, If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at
~Stay Curly My Friends!❤~

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