Natural Hair – Using Detangling Tools

Let’s face it, each week we are faced with the daunting task of detangling our natural hair. It’s a dreaded task that every natural must do if she/he wants to properly maintain their hair.

I, like most naturals,  prefer to use widely known tools such as the wide tooth comb and the denman brush.

The teeth of the wide tooth comb are spaced far apart which allows one to detangle efficiently and remove shed hair, while minimizing breakage.

Tip: I slowly start combing at the ends of my hair and gently work my way up to the roots.  It’s better to start on wet hair because natural hair is prone to breakage.

Some natural use a detangling cocktail which is made of water, a regular conditioner and oil(s) of your choice. I like to detangle when the deep conditioner is still on my hair.

This a pic of my wide tooth comb.


I also like to use a denman brush to further detangle. But keep in mind, using the denman brush or any detangling tools too often without caution can lead to frizzy and uncontrollable  ends. This is why I prefer to use it as the final step of detangling to smooth my hair before styling.

Here’s the demnan brush.

Note: It can be altered for some naturals whose hair can’t tolerate all the teeth of this particular brush. The brush can be opened to remove columns of teeth to make the spacing between them wider to minimize potential damage.


Once I’m done detangling my hair, I twist or braid the section to keep it stretched.

How or when do you detangle your hair? Please share in the comment section below.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below or email me at
~Stay Curly My Friends!❤~ 

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