Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Avocado Deep Conditioning Treatment

avocado 4

If you think avocados are only good for guacamole, you are highly mistaken!

An Avocado is a pear shaped fruit native to Mexico, Guam and Central America.  Most people do not know that avocados have a number of beneficial uses for the skin, hair and general health.

The avocado is naturally loaded with essential nutrients; and it is traditionally used for treating several health and skin problems. We all might recognize it best on a plate with lettuce, sour cream, cheese and re-fried beans.

Generally, avocados enhance growth and contribute to healthier hair because it is a rich source of proteins, amino acids and vitamins.  Many naturals, myself included, use avocado oil to treat and rejuvenate dry, damaged or lifeless hair and to add moisture to the scalp. It deep conditions hair strands leaving them shiny and full of life.

I like to use rip avocados as a base for my deep conditioner. It never fails to leave my hair moisturized and soft with a shiny and healthy appearance.

The recipe for my Avocado Moisturizing Deep Conditioner is as follows:

1-2 ripened avocados

1/2 cup of coconut milk

1 teaspoon of olive oil, coconut oil and/or jojoba oil (Use your favorite oil(s).)

1-2 teaspoons of honey

*Note: These are estimates. You can use more or less as needed to cover your entire head.

Be sure to mix well. Under mixing usually results in avocado particles in your hair later.

Tip:  Use a blender to create a smooth and creamy paste-like substance.


  • Coat your hair with the avocado mixture.
  • Put on a plastic cap.
  • Sit under a hair dryer for approx. 30 minutes.
  • Rinse well with cool water. Then style as usual.
**If you have homemade do-it-yourself deep conditioners that you love, please share in the comment section below**

 If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me

~Stay Curly my Friends!~


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