Should I Deep Condition or Not? No question!

Is adding a deep conditioning treatment to your regimen a good idea?

I NEVER deep conditioned my hair when it was relaxed, aside from occasional salon visits.  I never saw the need to add that step into my hair care regimen.

Once I went natural, I found an abundance of deep conditioning advice.  I also found that frequent deep conditioning is essential in order to maintain healthy hair, especially natural hair.

Using heated styling-tools and dyes damages and dries out hair.  Over manipulation and exposure to the elements (the sun and cold air) can also damage hair and strip its natural moisture.

So is adding a deep conditioning treatment to your regimen a good idea?


It helps to restore and to replenish your hair’s natural moisture and body.

I deep condition once a week, every time I wash my hair. I find it necessary because using deep conditioners restores moisture to my hair and scalp, it makes my hair soft to the touch and it contributes to making my hair more manageable.

There are literally thousands of methods to deep condition hair from protein treatments to color treated treatments to moisturizing treatments. The trick is finding one that works for you!

I primarily use two types of deep conditioners.  I use the Organics Hair Mayonnaise Treatment for Damaged Hair and I make my own avocado moisturizing deep treatment (see post).

Below is a list of the steps of a typical deep conditioning according to WikiHow:

1.    Find a deep conditioning treatment that’s right for your hair type. There are many products on the market designed to restore moisture to hair.  The trick is to find one that meets your specific needs.

**Products made with heavier oils can weigh hair down.

**If you have African-American hair, look for products made with olive oil, coconut oil or other oils.

**If you have fine hair, look for products that are described as “light” or “weightless.”

**If you have curly hair, look for products designed to eliminate frizz.

2.    Wash your hair.  Use a gentle shampoo that won’t strip your hair too much.  Avoid shampoos made with sulfates. Sulfates are abrasive cleaning agents that strip hair of its natural oils and lead to dryness and breakage.

3.    Apply the deep conditioning product.  Squeeze it from the bottle directly onto your head. Smooth it from your roots down your hair shaft. Make sure to saturate the ends. The ends are the oldest parts of your hair and are usually drier and more weatherworn than the rest of your hair. If necessary, use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product.

4.    Cover your head with plastic.  Most deep conditioning treatments require only 15-45 minutes to set and get to the core of each strand of your hair.  Covering your head with a plastic shower cap keeps the conditioner in place.

**If you don’t have a plastic shower cap, you can use plastic wrap, though it may be a bit messier. Just tear off a few sheets and use them to cover your head, tucking the plastic behind your ears. Use a headband or a piece of string to keep the plastic wrap in place.

**Avoid using a material other than plastic!  Fabric or other materials may absorb the product.  The goal is for your hair, not a towel or other piece of material, to get all the benefits of the conditioner.

5.    Apply heat. (Not Required) Some products suggest adding heat to your hair, which allows your hair to better absorb the product. Use a hooded dryer on a low setting to thoroughly heat up the product once it is applied.

**You can use body heat instead of a hair dryer to get similar results. The plastic cap and the natural heat from your head are sufficient to make the process work.

6.    Rinse out the product.  Remove the shower cap or plastic wrap and rinse your hair with cool water. This will tighten the hair shaft and make it look shiny.  After rinsing, dry your hair gently with an old T-shirt, then let it air dry and style as usual.

If done frequently, your hair should continually be bouncy, glossy and well conditioned.

Let’s Talk. How do  you deep condition? Leave your comment in the section below.

Contact me at healthyhairhabits with any questions or comments.

~Stay Curly my Friends!~


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