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Curly or Straight? The choice is yours…

Our Natural Hair is so versatile…  That is why I love it so much!

If you are tired of curls??

tiffany curly

Just wear it straight!!

tiffany straight

Use these tips when straightening natural hair….
  • Thoroughly cleanse your hair with shampoo not cleansing conditioner, condition and then deep condition your hair for about 30 minutes (for greater penetration sit under a hooded dryer)
  • Then apply a light coating of leave-in conditioner followed by  an oil to lock in your moisture.  Next, you should apply a heat protectant of your choice.
Skip the blowdryer... if you can, chunky braid, roller set, or pony tail roller set (cheat set) the hair to stretch it. Air dry overnight or sit under a bonnet dryer.

But if you must blowdry, blot excess moisture and allow your hair to airdry for 15 minutes prior to starting.  Blowdrying wet hair can lead to loss of elasticity and in the long run, breakage. Keep the heat setting as low as possible and hold the nozzle a few inches away from the hair.
  • Detangle the section thoroughly with a wider tooth comb. Flat iron hair in VERY small sections with your ceramic plated iron using the comb chase method. The comb chase method is where you take a fine tooth comb and run it down a section of hair while allowing the flat iron to follow or “chase” the comb all the way down to the ends. To minimize heat usage, only do one pass with the flat iron. More that one is not necessary to get your hair straight.
  • Keep the temperature as low as possible… start on a cooler setting and go up incrementally (5 degrees if possible) until you reach an effective temp.  The straighter you get your hair in the stretching process, the less heat you’ll need while flat ironing. I don’t recommend using over 400 degrees.
  • Finally, no touch-ups!  When your hair is beginning to revert, bantu knot or twist it to achieve a wave pattern.  Never flat iron dirty hair.  Sleep in a satin cap at night.

For any questions or concerns, please contact me  at

~Stay Curly my Friends!~


10 Natural Hair Care Tips for the Winter Season

Winter is here and the harsh cold air sometimes leads to breakage. But with proper hair care your natural hair can grow just fine despite the less than ideal conditions of winter.

I have compiled a list of 10 tips you should consider using during the winter months ahead of us.

1. Keep your ends tucked away 

Use protective styles. They keep your ends hidden from the cold and dry air, helping to reduce moisture loss.  Protective styles also keep your hair up and away from your winter scarves, coats, and sweaters, helping to reduce breakage as well.  Save the “out” styles for rare occasions.

2. Switch to heavier sealants

Heavier sealants (like whipped butters mixed with oils) can provide longer-lasting moisture retention in the wintertime.  Hair tends to be drier during the winter months; so light oils/products may not be as effective.  

3. Incorporate pre-poos and/or co-washes 

If not there already, add Pre-poos (pre-shampoo treatments) and co-washes (conditioner washes) to your weekly regimen. They help protect against moisture loss during the washing process during the cold season.  Pre-poos consist of oils, conditioners, or both and are left on the hair for several minutes or hours prior to washing your hair.  Co-washes typically involve washing with a rinse-out conditioner instead of a shampoo.

4. Wear satin lined hats

It’s  hard not to wear a hat in the wintertime, but if you’re a natural you should invest in one that is lined with satin. It will keep you warm and keep your strands protected at the same time!

5. Deep condition once a week

If you already deep condition on a regular basis –great! If not, this is the perfect time to start. Deep conditioning once a week will keep your hair moisturized and strong enough to handle the harsh weather conditions . I see a significant difference each time I deep condition. I suggest that you add to your regimen ASAP!

6. Avoid using heated appliances as much as possible.

Using direct heat with appliances often such as a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron is known to cause breakage and ruin your natural texture/curl pattern anyway. Basically frying your hair. Using it often in the winter time dries hair out even more. Try letting your hair air dry instead of blow drying it.

7.  Try finger detangling vs. combs

Your fingers are able to feel knots and snags that your comb cannot, giving you the advantage of detecting those rough spots. When combing if you normally see tons of those tiny hairs covering your bathroom sink with finger combing you may get that number down to an insignificant few. That means you are able to retain much more hair in the long run.

8. Moisturize more often

This is a no-brainer! Winter cold conditions  can quickly dry natural hair. So make sure to moisturize those ends daily (or as needed) with a leave-in and  follow up with an oil to seal in that moisture.

9. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase or wear a satin bonnet to bed

Cotton can be very rough on your hair – it absorbs the moisture in your hair and its fibers can cause your hair to tangle, creating tiny fairy knots which can lead to split ends. Satin is much smoother and does not absorb moisture, leaving your hair soft while you sleep.

10. Drink Water

Drinking water will promote healthier scalp and healthier hair. When your body doesn’t get enough water, it begins to dry out. The skin and hair are the first and most noticeable areas of dryness from dehydration. The best advice I received was to think of my hair like a plant. You must water it or it will die (hair breakage and spilt ends is dead hair.)

What is your winter regimen? Please share in the comment section below.

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~Stay Curly My Friends!~

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Do-It-Yourself Wig Tutorial by Luxurious CandyLocks

Wigs serve as excellent “protective styles.”  Why, you ask. Because they cover your head and allow your hair to be tucked away without daily interferences.

Have you ever worn a wig to give your natural hair a break?  Most naturals love the convenience of rocking a nice wig. It also offers the versatility of wearing different hairstyles without a permanent commitment.

With the right wig, you will never have a bad hair day.  Most wigs are purchased already styled and ready to wear.  A quick run of a comb, fingers, or a brush through it and you’re on your way!

Wearing wigs can also help save money!

Instead of having to visit the salon multiple times a month to style your hair, you can substitute that with a wig that is already the style you want.  The best part is you can always put it down and revisit that look months later without having to pay for that style again.

Creating a wig on your own allows you to be creative and also keep some money in your pockets.

If you don’t have time to make one, let Candance of Luxurious CandyLocks hook you up!

She also has videos dedicated to guiding you step-by-step through the process!

Below are a couple of Luxurious CandyLocks videos to check out now!

Be sure to check out her Youtube channel, Candancej12 for more hair tutorials.

Here’s Candance’s contact information.


✰Stay Curly My Friends!✰