Meet DeAndra❤


Hey Curly Girls!

I’m DeAndra, founder of Healthy Hair Habits❤.  I would like to personally thank you for stopping by.

 I am a working mom and wife; I am also a highly enthusiastic naturalista! I dreamed, designed and created Healthy Hair Habits to assist and/or guide you in your natural journey.

 While I am not a professionally trained stylist or a cosmetologist, I have conducted extensive (informal) research on natural hair styling and maintenance. I have read countless blogs and articles and I have studied over 1000 YouTube videos on the subject matter of natural hair maintenance.  I have also solicited and learned many techniques from successful hair care professionals.  As a result of my research, I was able to create a regimen that my hair absolutely loves!  I am constantly learning new procedures, tips, and tricks of the trade in order to help YOU find ideal Healthy Hair regimens just as I did.

 As information regarding natural hair becomes more common and accessible, compiling this information will become increasingly time consuming.  With Healthy Hair Habits, It is my goal to present a platform that can serve as your hub or reference point for all of your natural hair inquiries and informational material.

 We are in this journey together so let’s pool our wealth of knowledge!

 Stay curly my friends! ~xoxo~

 My Natural Hair Story/Time line

 ·         When I was around the tender age of nine-years-old my hair was relaxed for the first time.  Like many other young black girls, my hair was deemed “too thick” and unmanageable. I didn’t know any better because most adult women I had encountered and almost all other girls my age wore relaxed straightened hair.

·         For the next 22 years I continued to relax my hair despite major hair breakage and split ends, both of which I know now can be attributed to unhealthy hair; and It NEVER grew past my shoulders!

·         In 2006, I was introduced to the natural concept. I was interested but very hesitant because, NO ONE I knew wore her hair “unrelaxed.” But I decided to take a chance, follow my heart and cut all of my relaxed hair off; this is referred to as a big chop. I decided to let my hair grow out and started to grow locs. I wore them for one year.  

·         In 2007, I had a bad salon experience that caused me to have to take the locs out. I didn’t know what how to maintain so much hair, so again I reluctantly went back to relaxers.

·         In 2012, I decided to give being natural another chance with much of the encouragement from my family and friends.  This time I vowed to research ways to care for my natural hair as more resources had become available.  I also vowed to help others do as I have and find Healthy Hair Habits to enhance the natural hair experience.

In 2016, I decided to get Sisterlocks installed, mainly for convienence. It allows me to have total hair freedom, versatility and I am able to retain length.

 If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact me at or leave a comment in the section below of this blog.



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