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Naturals…Meet Zekera!


Why did you become natural?
1. Going natural wasn’t a huge stretch for me, because I NEVER permed my hair every 6 to 8 wks as most hair stylist often suggest.  I would go anywhere from 4 to 6 months between relaxers because I saw no real need to PLUS I RARELY wore my natural hair. I usually rocked weave… Braids or sew-ins were my thing, because I struggled to do my hair in the manner I desired. I made a rush decision one day to cut my hair… I loved my short cut at 1st BUT QUICKLY regretted chopping off all but a few inches of my almost shoulder lenght hair a few days later.

What’s your favorite go-to hairstyle?
2. I feel like you can NEVER go wrong with “Set It Off” braids. That is my go to style, because once the braids become old & you remove them you create yet another wearable look that can be dressed up or down.

What pointers do you have for someone who is considering going natural?
3. Going nature isn’t for the impatient!!! You have to spend time caring for your hair properly in order to maintain your hair health. What works for one doesn’t work for all. You MUST experiment with different products. And what works this month may not necessarily work the next.

Have you ever regretted your decision to become natural?
4. YES MA’AM…I get frustrated often & even consider relaxing my hair often BUT I WON’T be putting any creamy crack near my scalp ANYTIME SOON MAYBE EVEN NEVER AGAIN!!! I think my biggest regret though is not doing “The Big Chop”. I’m actually considering starting my journey again BUT I don’t know just yet.

Has being natural changed the way you see yourself?
5. Yes, there are days when I feel like my nature hair negatively affects my outward appearance. I feel as if I’m not as appealing to the opposite sex. Then there are a lot of days when I DON’T CARE what my hair looks like to the next person because ITS MINE & there are very few who can make that statement TRUTHFULLY!!!


~Stay Curly My Friends!💜


Naturals…Meet Rita!


Why did you become natural?
I BECAME NATURAL B/C the perms were eating My HAIR OUT!

How long have you been natural?
I’ve Been NATURAL A LITTLE OVER A YR OR SO… Just been wearing quick weaves

By which method did you become natural? Big chop, transition or both?

What pointers would you have for someone who is considering going natural?
Its kinda of hard for Me to give any advice right now since I’ve only been wearing it & not weave for about 3wks.

Have you ever regretted your decision to become natural?
NO I HAVEN’T just is taking some getting use to since I am wearing it.

Has being natural changed the way you see yourself?
YES… Seems as if I’m not as attractive without the hair around My face, but that’s My OWN OPINION NO1 has stated this to Me. It’s definitely taking some getting use to.


Naturals…Meet Brittany!
Hello everyone! Let me start by saying it was an honor to be featured on this blog! I am so grateful.


Why did you become natural? How long have you been natural?
I actually began my natural hair journey in January 2012. I started off transitioning, then decided to do the Big Chop in January 2013!!! I went natural before I went natural, meaning I took months to study the process and its benefits to avoid misunderstanding and frustration. Let me add, I’ve always maintained Healthy hair, even with a relaxer, but I was eager to have the versatility of being natural.

What’s your favorite go-to hairstyle?
My favorite go-to hairstyle for Summer is my Wash n Go’s using Coconut oil and Eco-styler gel!!
My favorite go-to hairstyle for Winter is the Two-strand twist out using Water and Blue Magic grease!
I also use Winter time to wear my blowouts.

Name one product you can’t live without. Why?
One product I can’t live without besides the essential oils would be Eco-styler gel! I love that stuff!!

What are two tips a newly natural should know?
Two tips a newly natural should know:
1. Don’t listen to the Do’s and Don’ts of “Being Natural” See what works for you and your hair!
2. Please have patience, and keep a weekly regimen including: washing, conditioning, deep-conditioning/Pre-poo, and a Leave-in.

Have you ever regretted your decision to become natural? Has being natural changed the way you see yourself?
I have NEVER regretted my decision to become natural. I was knowledgeable about this process, and was ready to make the change and OWN it.
I honestly can’t say that being natural has changed the way I see myself, because I’ve always been confident. It has made me understand hair better!
I’ve just recently recorded my first YouTube video and I would love for you all to view it!

I leave you with this: Healthy hair doesn’t necessarily mean it’s curly, thick, long, 3abcdfty lol!!! Healthy hair is making sure whatever texture you have is cleaned, conditioned, and moisturized!!! I love y’all!! Thanks again!!!



Naturals….Meet Tiffany!

1. Why did you become natural?
I started noticing that my hair would just break off so badly in the top. My ends were always split and the only way I would wear my hair was in a Very short spiked hairstyle. I wanted healthy hair but was afraid to go natural because I didn’t know how I would look or how people (especially at my job) would perceive me. I had to make sure I was really ready before I made that step.


2. By method did you become natural? big chop, transition or both? why?
I decided that I would transition. I chose this method because again I was self-conscious and thought I would look like a boy. I wore braids and twist for a good two years before I decided to go ahead and get rid of that damaged permed hair.


3. What are two tips a newly natural should know?
Tip #1 MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE!!!! You can never have enough moisture. Tip #2 Be confident in yourself and love yourself. Never let anyone make you feel like less of a person. Hold your head up and know you are beautiful

4. Do you regret becoming natural?
I have no regrets…… I don’t even regret getting a perm. If I had not gotten a perm I would not know how good it feels to actually have naturally beautiful hair! I now know my crown is my glory!!!!!!!!

5. Has being natural changed the way you see yourself?
Yes before I was natural I NEVER worn earrings (lol) I’m finding myself now being an accessory queen!!!!!! I feel like I’m not hiding behind anything. What you see is what u get!!!! I Love myself and I make sure everyone knows it!!!!!!!



Naturals …Meet Khemistry!

Hi, La Naturals.

My name is Khemistry. I have been natural for 4 years. I did the big chop in Aug. 2010. It was an easy choice for me, because my permed ends and my natural roots did not get along. It was like a huge fight between siblings, so the big chop proved to ease the tension, literally.

I have not grown my hair for the complete four years. I got a natual high from cutting it all off. I loved the liberation, freedom, compliments, and convenience of my short natural hair.

It wasn’t until 2012 that I decided to let my fro grow. It has been an interesting quest to find what works on my natural 4c type coils. I’ve tried some of the most expensive products to the least expensive and I’ve found that my hair loves the cheap products most. SassAFrass (it has an oily feel to it) works wonders on my hair. I had to get past the oily feeling, but it makes my hair baby soft (it can be purchased at your local family dollar. I’m also addicted to vegetable glycerine mixed with water. Glycerine and water also makes my hair baby soft and it aids with my detangeling process (glycerine has to be purchased online. It has to be mixed 1oz glycerine to 8oz purified water). Glycerine pulls moisture from the environment and draws is into your natural hair. A win win situation!!

Natural hair is so versatile. My go to style is a high bun with a head band. YOUTUBE SHOULD BE YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!

If you are natural or you are planning to go natural, you must have patients with your hair. Treating it harshly will only stress both you and your hair out. The end result will be breakage. Do a lot of research on natural hair. Experiment with different products to see what will work best for your hair. I can’t suggest anything to anyone, because what works for you might not work for me.

My natural hair makes me feel more confident than I have ever felt. I feel beautiful with it wild or tamed. If you can look beautifull with little to no hair to hide behind, you are the true definition of NATURAL BEAUTY. 🙂

GOOD LUCK on your natural journey, and remember to be Happy with your nappy.











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